Keys to a Healthy and Successful Marriage According to John Gottman

The Gottman Institute, headed by the highly influential psychotherapists Drs. John and Julie Schwartz-Gottman, provides practical, research-based tools to strengthen romantic relationships. The Gottman Method, as it is commonly referred, is now a valued training method where mental health professionals who provide couples therapy, treat couples in a novel way by identifying key relationship practices

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Your Marriage is Worth the Work

In the beginning, you may have thought that being married would not be too difficult. After all, you pledged a lifelong commitment to a person who you truly love and deeply care about. However, throughout the course of your marriage, you have experienced challenges that left you questioning whether you will be able to uphold

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Automatic Temporary Restraining Orders in Separation and Divorce

What are Automatic Temporary Restraining Orders? Many people think restraining orders are only relevant in situations where people are trying to protect themselves from harassment or violence from another person. Automatic Temporary Restraining Orders, often referred to as “ATROs”, are a different type of restraining order that automatically go into effect when a petition for

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