Nicole Lewis

Your Marriage is Worth the Work

In the beginning, you may have thought that being married would not be too difficult. After all, you pledged a lifelong commitment to a person who you truly love and deeply care about. However, throughout the course of your marriage, you have experienced challenges that left you questioning whether you will be able to uphold

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I Changed My Mind. I No Longer Want A Divorce!

Unfortunately, there are times when you might decide to dissolve your marriage, and may even start the divorce process by filing paperwork with the court.  However, once the divorce has been initiated, what happens if you have a change of heart? Having a change of heart is not as uncommon as you may think. Many

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You’re divorced. Now what?

Moving forward after a divorce is easier for some than it is for others. Once your marriage has been dissolved, you do not “magically” become completely okay with the reality of being divorced from your spouse. You may even go through what feels like an identity crisis because for a significant period of your life,

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