What you need to know about California Prenuptial Agreements (or Prenups)

What is a California Prenuptial Agreement, also known as a “Prenup”? A Prenuptial Agreement (also called a Prenup) is a legal contract between two parties signed before they enter into a legal marriage. A Prenuptial Agreement can provide you and your new spouse clarity regarding what will happen with your property and finances if the

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What is Community Property?

What is Community Property? Community Property is a type of joint ownership of assets between married couples. Generally, if you live in a community property state, spouses equally own all property acquired during marriage. In addition, half of each spouse’s income is owned by the other spouse during the marriage and debts incurred during marriage

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Why Negotiated Settlements are in Your Best Interest

During your divorce, you will likely experience emotional tension and anxiety during various stages of the process. From the outset, the stress level can be through the roof when merely trying to figure out where to begin. However, once the paperwork is filed, the step that comes next is actually within the control of you

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